ITA-DSM: Mobile Stream Processing

The ITA-DSM project investigates the design of data stream management systems (DSMSs) for real-time data intensive applications in non-traditional environments such as mobile ad-hoc and wireless sensor networks. In these environments, connectivity to backend cloud infrastructure can be intermittent, bandwidth-constrained or in the worst case unavailable. Instead of offloading DSM to a cloud backend, the project seeks to exploit the growing computational capabilities of modern mobile phones and IoT devices by performing DSM in-situ using the combined resources of multiple devices.

In contrast to the datacentre, the major challenge for DSM in such settings is to operate over wireless networks that are highly dynamic (e.g. due to mobility or transient environmental interference). The project will therefore develop techniques to improve the adaptivity, robustness, and overall performance of DSM in wireless networks, while still providing when necessary the strong reliability guarantees of modern DSMSs for the datacentre (e.g. Twitter Storm, Apache Spark).

US Army Research Laboratory, UK Ministry of Defence, ITA (2013-2015)
Dan O'Keeffe (Royal Holloway University, UK)
Theodoros Salonidis (IBM Research US)

Related Publications

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