TrustJS: Trusted Client-side Execution of JavaScript
Client-side JavaScript has become ubiquitous in web applications to improve user experience and reduce server load. However, since clients are untrusted, servers cannot rely on the confidentiality or integrity of client-side JavaScript code and the data that it operates on. For example, client-side input validation must be repeated at server side, and confidential business logic cannot be offloaded. In this paper, we present TRUSTJS, a framework that enables trustworthy execution of security-sensitive JavaScript inside commodity browsers. TRUSTJS leverages trusted hardware support provided by Intel SGX to protect the client-side execution of JavaScript, enabling a flexible partitioning of web application code. We present the design of TRUSTJS and provide initial evaluation results, showing that trustworthy JavaScript offloading can further improve user experience and conserve more server resources.
10th European Workshop on Systems Security (EuroSec)
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