Faces in the Clouds: Long-Duration, Multi-User, Cloud-Assisted Video Conferencing
Multi-user video conferencing is a ubiquitous technology. Increasingly end-hosts in a conference are assisted by cloud-based servers that improve the quality of experience for end users. This paper evaluates the impact of strategies for placement of such servers on user experience and deployment cost. We consider scenarios based upon the Amazon EC2 infrastructure as well as future scenarios in which cloud instances can be located at a larger number of possible sites across the planet. We compare a number of possible strategies for choosing which cloud locations should host services and how traffic should route through them. Our study is driven by real data to create demand scenarios with realistic geographical user distributions and diurnal behaviour. We conclude that on the EC2 infrastructure a well chosen static selection of servers performs well but as more cloud locations are available a dynamic choice of servers becomes important.
ACM Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)
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