Femtocell Coverage Optimisation Using Statistical Verification
Femtocells are small base stations that provide radio coverage for mobile devices in homes or office areas. In this paper, we consider the optimisation of a number of femtocells that provide joint coverage in enterprise environments. In such an environment, femtocells should minimise coverage overlap and coverage holes and ensure a balanced traffic workload among them. We use statistical verification techniques to monitor the probabilistic correctness of a given femtocell configuration at runtime. If there is any violation of the desired level of service, a self-optimisation procedure is triggered to improve the current configuration. Our evaluation results show that, compared with fixed time, interval-based optimisation, our approach achieves better coverage and can detect goal violations quickly with a given level of confidence when they occur frequently. It can also avoid unnecessary self-optimisation cycles, reducing the cost of self-optimisation.
10th International Conference on Networking (IFIP/TC6 Networking)
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