In recent years, we have witnessed new large-scale applications, consisting of thousands of computers and supporting millions of users. Examples include global Internet services, cloud computing systems, "big data" analytics platforms in data centres and smart city environments with mobile devices.

The goal of the LSDS group is to support the design and implementation of tomorrow's large-scale distributed systems. We investigate new abstractions and infrastructures for building scalable, robust and secure data-intensive applications. Our work follows an experimental approach and creates links between distributed systems, software systems, networking and database research.

Current Projects


Explores how to monitor the information flow through cloud systems to reduce the likelihood of data disclosure. Read more about



Develops new methods for controlling sensitive data propagation within and between clouds. Read more about



Investigates a new stateful processing model for data-parallel "big data" applications. Read more about



Provides new methods for parallel pattern detection and stream processing Read more about



Explores data stream processing in non-traditional networked environments. Read more about


Provides data centre tenants with application-specific control of the network infrastructure. Read more about



Exploits heterogeneous hardware to improve the performance of data centre applications. Read more about



Offers transparent facilities for cloud-assisted execution to mobile applications Read more about



Adds more expressiveness and adaptiveness to publish/subscribe communication. Read more about